Quefrency Rev. 2 & 3 Acrylic Case

Quefrency Rev. 2 & 3 Acrylic Case

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Full acrylic case for the Quefrency Rev. 2 & 3.

Sale of Initial run of cases:

  • Friday, October 16, 12pm EDT
  • Limited quantity of 16 available
  • Some extra Rev. 2 and Rev. 3 PCBs will be made available for purchase with the case
  • Limit of 1 case and PCB per customer
  • Notes:
    • Bottom plates are missing reset hole
    • Switch plates might not work with screw-in stabilizers, plates might be to be shaved a bit to get screw-ins to work

Case parts:

  • 5mm Black top layer
  • 5mm Black switch plate
  • 8mm Clear middle layer
  • 3mm Black bottom plate
  • Left w/macro, 65% right
  • 6mm black M2 screws for bottom
  • 14mm black M2 screws for top
  • 7mm M2 standoffs for middle

If you do not have a Rev. 2 or Rev. 3 PCB kit already, you can add a kit for it here: PCB Kit Add-on. Only order one PCB kit per acrylic case. If using the dropdown box above to add the kit, please check your cart before checking out, as quantities are limited and could be automatically removed if out of stock.