Quefrency - 60%/65% Split Staggered Keyboard

Quefrency - 60%/65% Split Staggered Keyboard

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Quefrency: A 60% split staggered keyboard, with 65% option for the right half, and 2x5 macro section option for the left half. Pronounced as keew-fren-see.

Upcoming change (updated 2/15/2019): Since a new left half option that has a 2x5 macro section on it will be offered soon, the kits with both halves will be phased out and left half kits will be offered in their place. We are currently kitting the PCB and plates for these new options, so they are not ready for sale yet.

60% Layout Options

65% Layout Options

Supports options for split backspace and split right shift.

Does not have in-switch LED support at the moment.

The PCB and Plate kits come in 4 different variants to allow you to mix and match halves:

  • Full 60% kit: Left half 60% + Right half 60%
  • Full 65% kit: Left half 60% + Right half 65% (Discontinued, split into half kits now)
  • Left half 60%
  • Left half w/2x5 Macro section
  • Right half 60%
  • Right half 65%

A 60% right half can be hot-swapped with a 65% right half and vice-versa without needing to reflash any halves. 

PCB Kits and Plate Kits are sold separately from each other. To do a complete build, you will need to purchase one of each.

PCB Kits:

Normal PCB Kits include:

  • PCBs for left and right halves
  • 1N4148 diodes
  • 2 reset switches
  • 2 TRRS jacks
  • 2 4.7kΩ resistors for left half

Right side only Kits include:

  • PCB for right half
  • 1N4148 diodes
  • 1 reset switch
  • 1 TRRS jack

Other parts needed not included in kit:

Plate Kits:

Normal Plate Kits include:

  • Switch plates for each half
  • Bottom plates for each half
  • 28 screws and 14 10mm standoffs

Right side only Kits include:

  • Switch plate for right half
  • Bottom plate for right half
  • 14 screws and 7 10mm standoffs

Case design files: Available here on Github

Build Guide: The build guide for the Quefrency can be found one the documentation website.