Iris CE - Low-Profile Choc Hotswap PCBs for Split Ergonomic Keyboard



Coming Soon!

The Iris CE (Compact Edition) is a low-profile variant of the popular Iris keyboard! Reprogrammable to any keymap layout you'd like with QMK/VIA! We've worked up case parts for the Iris CE PCB that offer a more premium feel than other ergo split keyboard offerings.

Fully built, the height of the keyboard is about 19mm and is quite compact.

The photo shown is of a printed prototype and is not the final design.

    Item Notes

      Iris PCBs with on-board controller and USB-C port. Just put in your switches, and you're done!

      Case Info

      A switch plate and enclosing bottom piece will also be made available with the PCB. The bottom piece will be available in aluminum and polycarbonate (PC). Separate product listings will be made for these when ready.

      Item Contents

      • Left half PCB
      • Right half PCB

        Items Needed for Build

        Iris CE Rev. 1 PCB Features

        • On-board RP2040 controller
        • Switch support: Kailh Choc Low-Profile V1 switch support only
        • Key spacing: 17mm vertical, 18mm horizontal (MCC/MBK spacing)
        • USB-C ports for both connection to computer and in between halves
        • MX Hotswap sockets pre-installed
        • 6 RGB underglow LEDs per half (12 total)
        • Per-key RGB LEDs
        • Pre-flashed with QMK Firmware and VIA configurator support


          Each half of the board is a 4x6 matrix with the same vertical stagger as the Ergodox and with 4 thumb keys. Alternatively, a rotary encoder can be placed at the upper thumb key of each half.