Fully Assembled Split Keyboards - $200 and up

Fully Assembled Split Keyboards - $200 and up

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Want a Nyquist, Iris, or other split keyboard? We offer full assembled split keyboards to order, please contact us at shop@keeb.io to discuss customization options. The base price is $200 plus shipping. We will provide you with a discount code after setting up a quote to buy this item.

Customization Options:

  • PCB Color
  • Case style
    • Top/bottom plates
    • Middle layers
  • Keycaps - Not included but can be special ordered
  • Switches
    • Gateron switches included
    • Other types of switches can be special ordered
  • TRRS cable - Your choice of what's available on the store
  • RGB strips for underglow
  • Custom keymap flashing
  • We can also order items for you and have them delivered to us

Lead time is about 3-4 weeks, depending on what parts are already in-stock or needs to be ordered.